Author Topic: Free PL-Hosting Facility!  (Read 1283 times)


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Free PL-Hosting Facility!
« on: March 14, 2020, 07:31:38 PM »
Hey there Hardcore Gamers and greatly Talented Developers! It's the time We, The Great Pakistani Legends Community, Announce our one of the biggest milestones ever. As you all are potentially aware of the fact that plenty of developers and scriptwriters here are deprived of success from their hard-work just because of unavailability of a reasonable and a quality-wise "better" host, and the ones which are existing now don't offer satisfactory ping. So We just sorted out that quite well! Yes, you heard it right! According to our vision, It's time to utilize our servers for the good of our fellow community members. We are going to provide free game server hosting on our (EU) Servers along with the game panel facility and SFTP access just like paid host providers! Yes, We are providing it FOR FREE! So What are you waiting for? Host your server for free, no player slot limits! You are good to set the slots as much as the game allows. However, Please Do keep in mind that we do apply some limitations on Storage, CPU and Memory consumption, but that can be managed as per user request.

Make sure you read Terms of Service before you proceed with the Host request! And Good luck to you with your servers, may you have all the fun you wish for!

(Below are some visuals of the hosting facility show-casting the web panel and other features)

With Profound Regards
Hosting Unit - Pakistani Legends Community
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