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TOS-Terms of Service
« on: March 12, 2020, 11:24:45 PM »
Below mentioned is all you shouldn't do:
  • Your account is limited to you only and it should not be resold to anyone.
  • You shouldn't be using VPN to access panel, strongly prohibited.
  • You shouldn't keep any illegal or copyrighted content as it's straight away gonna lead your account to suspension.

Things you should know about the service:
  • Your FTP account details are same as your panel account, It's provided for the proper file management of your server.
  • Your panel/ ftp log-in details are logged in to the system which includes your IP Address along with the log-in data.
  • We store your IP to check for VPN /Proxy usage if there's any, which would result in account suspension.
  • You are the only one responsible for your data in case if you loose or mistakenly delete it, since we don't provide data backup plans for free service.