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Vice City Multiplayer - Section / Re: • Vice Freeroam Server - VFS v1.3 •
« Last post by Anish87 on July 01, 2020, 10:42:28 AM »
Good Luck Sirr. I'll give it a try someday
Thanks you Saulik. Please don't call me sir. And you are most welcome in the server.
Good Luck Sirr. I'll give it a try someday
Vice City Multiplayer - Section / • Vice Freeroam Server - VFS v1.3 •
« Last post by Anish87 on June 30, 2020, 06:29:24 PM »

• Vice Freeroam Server •

Vice Freeroam Server, also known as VFS, is a group project. This server is made by [R2x]Gito_OP, [R2x]Inferno^RG, =CF=Anish87^RG and Mursaleen. VFS is a multimode server, major modes include - Deathmatch, Roleplay, Minigames and Freeroam. The server allows players to deathmatching with each other, rob stores and defend themselves from getting killed while wanted, play different minigames such as fishing, smuggling etc. and roam around the map having fun.

Some more information about the server :
Server Name - Vice Freeroam Server
Player Slot - 69
Gamemode - [VFS]v1.2[SQL]
Server IP -
Map - Vice City
Forum - Click here to go to our forum!
Version - v1.2
Discord - Click here to join us on Discord!


Vice Freeroam Server, VFS, is a new server with a really uniquely styled freeroam gamemode. The VFS project, as mentioned earlier, is developed and leaded by [R2x]Gito_OP, [R2x]Inferno^RG, [CF]Anish87^RG and Mursaleen. The server contains features of most game modes made in VC:MP so far. You can enjoy deathmatching in the server with different style such as duels, team matches etc. You may roam around the map, having fun with friends. The server contains many different economic systems such as getting revenue from your property, you can buy vehicles, you can do different jobs to earn money. It has been a month since we launched VFS and the server has been getting players' attention since then.
VFS provides players a completely different CnR system. The CnR in VFS doesn't stand for 'Cops and Robbers' it stands for 'Citizens and Robbers', which means that there are no cops and the citizens of VFS will be dealing with the robbers, and gain justice themselves. VFS also provides different minigames such as fishing, smuggling and many more. We have already released 3 moderate updates, with many different systems. The latest version is VFS[v1.3], and we will be coming with more and more updates in the future! Don't stay left out, slide in and have fun with us!
VFS Development Team

Good luck in the future. This server has many memories with it

The day has finally came, After we have faced so many troubles, Everyone thought Viceland will never come back and be as it used to be. Today we struggled a lot to prove them wrong, and on this day we are happy to announce that Viceland is back! I'm proud of all of the staff team for being there for this server and stood up strong to revive the server and worked day and night to make this happen. Special regards for everyone else who sticked with us and never showed a decrease in their interest towards VL even though it wasn’t there for a long time. You all are more than welcome to join it, let’s join it sometime and have a great amount of fun together!


Server Information:

Server IP:
Code: [Select]

Click on Download > Server files from the menu and unarchive to C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\VCMP\04beta\store
BlackSquad - Section / Re: Most laggiest player of the game!
« Last post by Savage Saulik on June 25, 2020, 10:49:15 AM »
Ofcourse it is... Aegon
Host Request / Re: VCMP Host Request
« Last post by WeHawt!!! on June 03, 2020, 11:19:37 AM »
Host Request / VCMP Host Request
« Last post by Cpt.Electron on June 03, 2020, 09:08:02 AM »
Your Name: CapTaiN.ElecTroN^
Email address:
Game to be hosted: vcmp
About game server type: DM
Comments if any: Please give me host please i wanna make a greate server for vcmp!!!
Gaming Hub / Re: Valorant is out for Public!
« Last post by DeViL_JiN on June 02, 2020, 08:26:15 PM »
The game is lit i'm downloading it now
Gaming Hub / Valorant is out for Public!
« Last post by WeHawt!!! on June 02, 2020, 08:16:37 PM »
This game has lately climbed way higher than any other game even in it's beta session. Here is a gameplay video:

Download link
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